Thursday, January 22, 2009

Writing Your eBook: Make It An "Evergreen" Topic

You know you want to write an eBook and sell
it over the internet. There may be 10's of subjects
mulling around your head. So which one do you
choose to write about?

It helps if you have a passion for the subject.
If you're a golfer, I'm sure there's no end to
what you can tell people about the sport.

You might be a financial consultant. Now you're
hitting the jackpot. With this economy, you have
no end to potential customers.

Whatever your passion, hobby or career happens
to be, there's information that somebody else wants.
Look in the bookstores. Is there just ONE book
on each subject? Hardly.

When I say "evergreen", that just means topics
that have been viable forever and will be still
going strong into the future.

Some examples are:


*child care

*elder care


*relationships (the good, bad and ugly)

*job searching

*home based businesses


*personal development

*pets (we do love 'em)

See what I mean? Things that will always
affect us in some way at some point in our lives.

Go back into the bookstore and have a look
around. Your head will be swimming with ideas.
You have your own unique spin that no other
writer will have. Maybe you've discovered
something that will help others to be healthier,
slimmer, richer, happier or more successful.

Have at it!

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