Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Information Publishing: The Perfect Home Based Business

Writing, publishing and selling information
is now and forever will be one of the best ways to
make money as an entrepreneur.

Just don't stifle your Cash-Pulling Creativity!

Most marketers don’t realize that they’re selling
themselves short when it comes to profitable idea
generation. Most of us go by the rules – seeking
out and the following a proven formula for success.

It’s easy because we read what someone else has
said works, implement a cookie-cutter approach, and
start to see some results. Even if they’re small results,
we’re elated because at least it’s something.

Tiffany Dow teaches, in her new eBook at https://paydotcom.com/r/13869/KarenCook/962128/,
that you have to veer off the beaten path from time to
time and give yourself the opportunity to shine in the

Unless you create a breakout product or develop an
innovative idea, you’ll always be trailing the top money-
producers on the ‘net.

If you really want to see the amount of money that you’re
making explode, then you’re going to have to think
outside the box.

Only then will you be able to set yourself apart from
your competition in the eyes of your target audience and
position yourself as an authority figure in your niche.

You may be able to find that there’s a void that needs
filling that your competitors haven’t yet discovered.
Whatever it is that your customers are searching for,
but are unable to find online, this is where you want to
make gains off of the other guys’ shortcomings.

Not following the leader will help you advance in the
money game. Be willing to be the first to do something,
whether it’s a new traffic strategy you’re teaching, or
new customer service technique, or a creative product
idea that has everyone buzzing about it.

There are so many different ways to figure out what
needs still aren’t being met. You can post a survey or
questionnaire on your website asking people what
they would like to see developed.

You could also ask questions of people on forums or
spend some time watching TV or looking through
magazines to see what the average consumer is interested

Once you find your answer, you need to develop the
product that will fill this need. You can even create your
own niche for a product that already exists.

For instance, people created clothes and display cases
for Ty Beanie Babies and made a lot of money off of that.

You could even recreate an older product by looking
at books that are now in public domain. These books
could be spruced up for you to sell.

Your other option is to improve upon an existing product
that’s already successful. You would be fixing the
weaknesses in a product by making yours, which is better
than what already exists.

Be willing to eke out your own place as a leader in the
marketplace, and don’t fall in line and conform with
what’s considered the “norm.”

Being different, in the case of online sales, can make you rich.

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