Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Writing The Outline Of Your eBook

After you've decided on the how-to eBook
you are going to write, you'll at least follow
a general outline.

Your INTRODUCTION will let your
customer know what they will find in your
eBook. An overview of the entire eBook.

You'll talk about the benefits that they
will receive.

The meat of your eBook will have the
HOW-TO information. It will be organized
in logical order.

Meaning, the first chapter will tell them the
first thing they must do to get the results
they want.

And then you will tell them HOW they should
do it.

Each chapter will be a rinse and repeat.

It's no good to write a HOW-TO eBook
without the show and tell. That's why
they are giving you their hard-earned money!

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just that, check out Tiffany Dow's "Building
An eBook Empire".

She knows what she's talking about because she
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deliver the goods?

Ms. Dow teaches you the what, the why and
the how-to of writing your own eBook.
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Happy writing,