Monday, October 1, 2007

Rules For The Information Entrepreneur

There are rules to making money as an
information entrepreneur
. If you want
to be successful writing, publishing and
your informational products,
these rules must be heeded! With me?

**Rules For Information Producers**

1. There must be a market for your product.
That may sound silly to you but people create
eBooks, audio and video products all the time
and then find out too late that there's no market!

2. Ideally, the market is large and growing.
If your niche market consists of a few hundred
potential buyers, it will be a labor of love and
nothing more.

3. Reinforce the benefits of buying your product.
It has to be something in it for them.

4. Let the market know you aren't just educating
them but offering solutions to their problem.

5. Your information product has to be "evergreen".
Something you can sell year round, year in and
year out. Not just a seasonal thing that sits on the
shelf until the season or occasion rolls around again.

6. Deliver on your promises! Provide the information
your buyer needs to solve the problem. Concrete
guidelines and techniques. This can't be stressed
enough! How do you feel when you buy something
and it doesn't live up to its promises? Ripped-off?

Spend time learning and applying these rules
before you begin to create your information product.
This may be time-consuming but will pay dividends
in the long run.

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