Sunday, March 24, 2013

Write Your Own eBook

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Working in a library, I've seen many changes in these last
years. The biggest is the introduction of the eReader.
Many thought this idea would never take off. Now we
know the truth, don't we?

eReaders are being bought, used and loved. I've seen
people of all ages take to this format. Even those who
weren't what we call avid readers have grown to love
reading if they can use an eReader.

The demand is there. There has to be a continuous
supply source. If you've ever thought of writing your own book,
it makes sense to get up and running with an eBook.

Amazon states that they sell more eBooks than physical copies.
Wow! Young people who hated reading are now being
introduced to a whole new world. Why? Simply because
they can read books on their gadgets. And we know how they
love their gadgets. You never see them without one in their hands.

And if you want to dream a've heard the stories of how an
author publishes an eBook, it takes off and conventional publishers
are knocking at their doors.

If this is something that gets you going, then take a look at someone
who can help you in your quest for writing eBooks.

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