Sunday, January 30, 2011

Writing eBooks And Publishing On Amazon Is Easier Than Ever!

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Writing and seeing your work published is easier than ever before. The internet has levelled the playing field in the publishing world.

You can write ebooks and sell digital copies online. You just need your own website and then you're ready to market and promote your book. Don't overlook ClickBank for a marketplace. Then you open yourself up to an army of affiliate marketers who may want to promote your book. It's a viral world.

Now we have the Kindle ereader. Amazon has spawned many bestsellers through their Kindle publishing platform. I thought it would be complicated but I was on a webinar the other night and couldn't believe how easy it could be. Once you are given instructions!

There are many digital books that have gone on to be printed in the offline publishing world. Something to think about...

And, if you want to write an ebook but are at a loss on where to begin, I can only tell you the best source and that is Tiffany Dow. Her incredible "Building An eBook Empire" gives you a complete college degree to writing and selling your eBooks. Click Here!

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